Many people don't like the articles that dwell on basics. The majority of job seekers believe that it is the waste of their time to read the ABC articles as they think it won't help them get hired. For some reason, job hunters used to think that only sophisticated methods and tools can get them through to the interview stage (because the competition is so high). But if one fails to adhere to the basic resume writing standards and techniques then all of the sophisticated recommendations will have no effect. Therefore, our team decided to review the most basic resume writing rules.

Resume Writing: Knowing the Basics

keep-calm-and-go-back-to-basics-2Everybody knows that a resume or CV is simply a marketing tool that is meant to help you get through to the interview stage. Yes, you read it right. There are job seekers that mistakenly believe that a resume is meant to help you get hired, but that is not so. It is important to understand the role of your CV so that you could know whether it was successful or not. The primary purpose of your resume then is to get you to the interview stage. If it accomplished this very think you can consider it successful enough.

Another thing every job seeker must know is that resumes are evaluated by hiring authorities a little bit differently than they are assessed by those who had written them. Because CVs are written for HR managers you should keep in mind the things that would impress them. Some job hunters write their resumes and are happy if they find it attractive. But that is not the point. It doesn't matter whether you like it or not; what matters is whether HR manager finds it attractive enough to invite you for an interview.

The interest of the employers should become your #1 priority when you sit to write your resume, CV or even a cover letter. Everything that you include into your resume should be subject to the requirements of the job opening (i.e. the interest of the employer): length, relevant experience, educational credentials, skills, accomplishments, etc. Don't put on anything that would be of no interest to the one reviewing your CV. Make sure your application documents contain no grammatical or punctuation errors. Don't be too detailed unless you are required to do so.

We Can Help!

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