Here also it is important for you to mirror the interviewer posture. Like when the interviewer keeps his legs on the desk, then you should lean back into your chair in a relaxed manner as well. However, maintain your pose when you are in a professional environment. Yow will be able to display your confidence level by standing and sitting up straight, keeping your head up, and bringing your shoulders back. Make sure that you practice to sit and stand in front of a mirror until it feels and looks perfectly natural if you don't use this as your normal stance because you need to look comfortable and confident at the same time. In order to show your interest in the conversation, you should lean slightly forward in your chair, with your shoulders back. It is also important that you do not cross your arms or legs at the knees since they represent negative non-verbal clues. However, you can cross your legs at the ankle. Similarly, remember you should not fold your hands in your lap if there is a desk in front of you since you will look like you are shrinking from behind the desk. If you are in this position make sure that you place one arm on the top of the desk, which will establish a strong presence. Don't spread your legs too far as this may symbolize you are arrogant.

Don't Fear

Think that you are always an amazing asset, which every employer will feel lucky to have you. Don't be nervous. Take a deep breath. Think that this interview is just to determine whether or not this job will be a good fit for both the employer and yourself. If the employer does not offer you the job, then the individual is not smart enough to work for the place. Make sure the confidence level is high; try till you get the job. Make sure that you employ any mind trick necessary to ensure that you put a little pride in your stride.

Limit your gesture

Make sure that you do not embellish your hand gestures or flail your arms about. Don't try to use artificial gestures to heighten the importance, as this will merely come off as overly dramatic. Try to. Calm your arms down, and make sure all of your gestures are natural and meaningful.

Avoid fidgeting

Make sure that you do not tap or shake your foot, click your pen, or rock back and forth in your chair as if you need to use the restroom. Remember that you won't get a phone call, If you annoy interviewers, or make them dizzy.

Articulate your thought

Make sure that you speak clearly so the interviewer can understand your thoughts and don't mumble over there. Don't use disclose markers often. It is not a wrong thing to take a few seconds to gather your information before you respond

Practice, practice, practice

The best way to perfect your presentation during your interview is to practice constantly until it becomes your nature. So it is important that you Practice in front of mirrors, video cameras, and friends. When you feel comfortable with these techniques, then you can focus your attention on the actual interview questions