It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced employee or recent graduate, you are still vulnerable to making mistakes that could have a negative impact on your career. The thing is that we all want to reach what we think our full potential is. Avoiding common career pitfalls can significantly help you develop that potential and maybe go even further than you actually planned. So we recommend reviewing some of your traits and habits so that you don't find yourself entangled one day in career missteps. In this article, you will read about the most common mistakes that employees make. Keep in mind, the following mistakes are relevant for anyone at any stage of professional development.

Career Management Tips

careerIf you are working really hard and expect that your direct supervisor or manager will recognize your efforts you cannot be further from the truth. That often happens with people who work for big companies or corporations: they know there is room for improvement and they do their best to get promoted but get discouraged really quickly because the boss doesn't recognize the efforts. It is even more discouraging to see less talented workers getting promotions. This happens because you are not that good about letting your manager know about your achievements. The problem is that supervisors have much more to do than just watching you do your job. Therefore, make sure your boss knows about what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Most people get complacent when they feel their job is secure and the next steps are clearly defined. But in the job market today everything can change really quickly. So if are going to grow complacent about something it should not be networking. No matter how secure you feel you should always keep connecting with professionals in your field. Staying connected with people who later may help you if you decide to switch jobs. More than that, it is way easier to network if you are employed and interact with professionals from your industry. Negativism can become another obstacle on the way to a successful career. It is really easy to become too negative in a demanding and high-paced business environment because there is plenty to complain about. But it is important not to vent about this to people that surround you at your workplace. This will immediately influence the atmosphere within the team of co-workers and your boss might just want to get rid of you. So your negative attitude sometimes can destroy your career as it will never let you become a team player within a successful company.