There are so many career recommendations available online that sometimes you just don't know what things you should believe and what things are just myths. It requires wisdom to figure out what things are true and which concepts are totally misleading. However, one doesn't even need to search online - there are so many stereotypes employees and job seekers have regarding their careers that you couldn't have guessed. All of us want to be successful when it comes to our professional journey. However, it is very unlikely that we could achieve that if we follow misleading career recommendations that were developed by so-called career experts and specialists. It is important then to make sure you know what you are doing and that you don't buy into the popular deceptions about career development.

Sounds Good But...

Career_myth-750x422You have probably heard that you need to find a perfect balance between work and your personal life. It is very unlikely that you will ever achieve a work-life balance that would be perfect. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice your family, sometimes it will be the job that you will be sacrificing. But that doesn't mean you have to drop anything. It is possible to have a successful career and a happy family. The stereotype is that you can't have meaningful relationships and achieve what you define as career success. But that is not true. You can surely have a happy family and a successful career at a time. It may require some extra planning and flexibility but that is possible. Following this misconception, many people have rid themselves of having either a beloved one or a career.

There is another stereotype that says that once you choose your career vector it is impossible to change it. In other words, if you decided to become an engineer and chose it as your major it is irreversible. But this is a problem created by people themselves. In most cases, they just don't want to change anything as they understand that it won't be easy. Well, they are right. This is not easy but more than real. People change careers when they are 40 and succeed. It doesn't matter where you are - if you believe you should change your career direction don't waste time thinking how impossible that is. Because it's not. Hard work and dedication can get you way further than just a career change. There are some who believe that there is just one person out there for one person there is one person out there made for one another person. And unless you meet that only person made for you there is no chance you will be happy. Probably the same group of people has an identical understanding of a career - that there is just one right career for one person. We are no experts in personal life matters although we can say for sure that there is more than one career for one person. We have never met a person in the life of our company who would be good for just one career. Taking into account one's interests, talents and values most of the professional career counselors can find at least two or three relevant occupations.