Every second Monday of October Americans commemorate Christopher Columbus who was first to set foot in the Americas. And although the fact that Columbus was the one who discovered the New World is controversial (it is now accepted that Viking sailors were there before Columbus reached the Americas), people still celebrate this day throughout the country. Initially, it was celebrated in the 18th century although the holiday didn't have an official status. Teachers, politicians, and preachers used to teach ideals of patriotism on this day. Columbus Day became a federal holiday only in 1937 and for many people it has become a day when they commemorate Columbus' voyage as well as celebrate Italian-American heritage. Today, actual observances vary from complete non-observance to large scale parades depending on the part of the US where the celebration takes place.

Employers Are Looking for a New Columbus!

happy columbus dayOpening new horizons is a great thing and it was a great event in the day of Columbus. We believe that Columbus is a great prototype of employees the companies are after today. And you don't have to discover new countries to be hired by reputable companies. It is all about finding a way when others don't see it. In other words, when a team is stuck with the challenge or a problem there needs to be someone who will be able to see the way out and find a solution. Problem solving is a skill that job seekers almost always place on their resume but so few of them know how to highlight it in a way that would show potential employers that your really possess that skill. When something goes wrong (which happens in any company regardless of its size and reputation), one can either complain or do something to address the issue. If you used to choose the latter, then you must highlight this throughout your professional experience.

The thing is that companies understand that sooner or later they will face some kind of unexpected challenges (something they could not foresee and, therefore, provide additional resources to address it efficiently) and they will need employees who would be able to navigate through this challenges. As we have mentioned before, while employers are looking for people like Columbus who would be will be able to find new ways to challenges, job seekers persistently place this problem solving skill on their resumes and cover letters. However, the problem is that placing it under the skills section isn't enough for hiring managers to believe that you truly possess this skill. Instead, explain how you used this skill to help the company overcome specific challenges and problems and how it affected the company's development and growth patterns. Problem solvers can make a difference and if you belong to this category you better show it how you made the difference when you were working for your previous employers. A cover letter and interview are great venues to do that. Think of specific examples how you helped the company by using your problem solving skills. And by doing so you may become a Columbus for some company.