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How Can Your Creativity Grant You The Job?

Last time we wrote about creative people and what kind of jobs could be the best match for them. Since people with creative personalities are not quite like everybody else (they view this world differently and they think in a different way) there are certain jobs where their abilities could be used to the max. But before one actually gets the job he or she should have an engaging resume or CV to get noticed by employers. There have been many discussions on how to highlight your creativity skills on a resume. Some experts were saying you should just include it under the skills section while others believe that one should design a resume in a creative way in order to show employers that you do have some creativity. Well, we have our own opinion which we are going to share in this blog post…

Creative Resume Writing

CreativityLets say you are a creative person and you are going to apply for a job where creative skills are vitally important. What do you do? How do you develop a resume that brings a clear message to a potential employer that you are actually a creative person? You could certainly include a word or two about your skills in a cover letter, resume or CV. Although if you have no portfolio samples proving that your creativity paid off for the company then hiring authorities may not believe right away. It is much better if you are able to demonstrate your creative skills in a resume. This way an HR manager will have a chance to judge whether you’ve got what it takes to successfully work in the company…

If you are a graphic designer you could create an engaging design of your CV. In this case the layout might become even more important than the content of your resume. But you can use your creative skills for applying for other jobs, not just those that have direct relation to creativity. One job seeker created a resume in the form of a menu when he applied for the position of a waiter. Another one designed her CV so that it looked like a book (chapter 1, chapter 2, etc.) when applying for the position of a writer. These applicants got their jobs just because they thought they could utilize their creative skills in a resume or CV. And it actually paid off.

So you might want to brainstorm a little bit and we are sure that if you a creative personality you will have plenty of decent ideas. However, there is a very common pitfall when designing a creative resume. There is a tendency to use too many graphic elements when developing a resume or CV. It is important to show minimalism as well as a good taste if you decided to design your application documents in a creative way. It is better to show what you’ve done to people you know and trust asking them what they think about it. Make sure you give to people who won’t be afraid to criticize and tell you the truth. Otherwise this whole thing with their help will be just waste of time.


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