Your resume is the only chance to make the first impression on a prospective employer. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that your main marketing document has a good structure, contains no mistakes, and highlights your relevant key strengths. To achieve that, job seekers often need another pair of eyes to spot mistakes and correct them before applying for jobs. That's where our resume review service comes in handy. All job seekers have to do is to visit our website, upload a resume or CV, and receive a comprehensive review with objective feedback and personalized recommendations from our trusted experts. The great news is that our resume review service is now officially free!

How Does a Resume Review Service Work?

It is very common for job seekers to write their own resume only to wonder if it is effective enough to land interviews. Many are stuck in the situation when they apply to hundreds of job openings but still get no feedback. And they are left to wonder what may possibly be wrong with their resumes or job search tactics. That's why we decided to help those looking for a job and launch our resume review service. It used to cost $9 but at this point we are willing to help more people (especially those who can't afford paying money for professional resume help) overcome their career challenges and, therefore, made this service completely free.
Industry expert reviewing a resume
It is no rocket science. All you have to do is click on the free resume review button, upload your resume or CV, and answer one simple question - "What is your target job?". Now it is crucial that you know what jobs you are after - it will define the optimal structure and layout of your resume. It is really difficult to develop an effective resume which will target both engineering and sports jobs. One resume is made for one target job (area).

After you upload your resume, give us some time to analyze your document. We will assign our industry experts to work on your resume to develop personalized recommendations. Sometimes it may take up more than 24 hours due to the high volumes of review requests we receive. The great thing about this service is that you will have a chance to get an objective feedback from the person who either used to hire people like you or who used to help job seekers get hired. At Prime-Resume, we don't create generic reports through software like most resume writing services do. There is a huge difference between an expert using ATS software to analyze a resume and deliver personalized recommendations and a software generating reports based on a couple of parameters. Although it takes much more time to have it analyzed by humans, we decided to stick to this option in order to deliver valuable help to our website visitors.

After the report is complete, you will receive it via email. From there you can either get professional resume help from our company or do the entire thing on your own (having a detailed report makes it so much easier). Regardless of the option you choose, you are free to email us any questions you may have. We want to be as helpful as we possibly can be to help job seekers overcome their career challenges. This was the reason why we launched our free resume review service.