If you have never been on more than one job interview you may not know how tricky the questions asked by hiring managers can be. But even if that is the case, you still need to be aware of them since you never know what lies ahead. Maybe, just maybe you will be sitting in the office of a reputable company trying to pass a job interview of your life. In order to do that both experienced job seekers, as well as entry-level applicants, need to be ready to answer some of the toughest questions they have been asked by strangers. Depending on how one answers the questions hiring managers will either offer a job or call in another candidate. And today we would like to address just one of the possible questions you may be asked during a job interview: why do you want the job?

How to Answer This Most Important Career Question

job interviewMost the job seekers would like us to give the magic answer which will help them get a job. Unfortunately for them, there is no such answer. There is no spell you could use to help your career. This blog post isn't going to give you any secrets at all - what we are writing about is how to address this questions in an individual manner so that hiring authorities would consider you for the position. The question doesn't look tough when you look at it since you probably have a few answers coming to your head right away. It is pretty simple why people are looking for a job - they need it because they need money, they like it, or they are moving with the family... However, it is not as simple as it seems. Those answers are okay but they will unlikely do any good to you at a job interview. And you may understand why if you really think about the question asked.

Why do you want the job? The problem is that most job applicants answer the wrong questions that they were never even asked. Don't mix "Why do you want the job?" with "Why did you apply for the job?". Those are completely different questions and the answers to them communicate different messages to hiring authorities. The point is that HRs need compelling reasons to hire you, something they want to hear that will help them accomplish specific goals of the company. We recommend starting your answer by giving the company information. Explain why you believe they are a good organization and what you like about working for them. Then move on to demonstrating that you are aware of the challenges of the job and are ready to face them. It would make sense to give a few examples from your past experience on how you addressed similar problems. Providing relevant accomplishments and explaining that you enjoy doing these things will make a great point why you want the job. Finally, think about possible objections to why they may not want to hire you and provide counter-arguments.