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How to Create a Clean and Easy-to-Read Resume?

Posted on April 10, 2015

If you know anything about an effective resume writing then you should have heard million times about the importance of quality content. You know, the accomplishments and achievements and stuff like that. We don’t want to reiterate the things we have said multiple times on this blog… This time we want to help our readers...

Why Thank You Letter Is Important?

Posted on April 9, 2015

The very first thing job seekers are concerned about is their resume or CV. This is the most important document and primary marketing tool. Those looking for a job spend hours or even days in order to create an effective resume that would land them interviews. Some are willing to pay about $100 to professional...

Resume Writing Services: Try or Not to Try

Posted on April 7, 2015

Those who are in a desperate need of getting a job always think of how they can increase their chances when sending their applications to different companies. If you surf the Internet you will find plenty of ways to differentiate yourself from other candidates. There are many things you could do in order to stand...

LinkedIn Profile: What Recruiters Are Looking For?

Posted on April 6, 2015

More and more business use Internet as a marketing tool to reach their clients in the environment they spend much of their time. However, it is not the only use of Internet for companies. Many employers as well as recruiters use it for head hunting purposes. Because people spend so much time today in social...

What if You Can’t Quit Because of the Money?

Posted on April 2, 2015

It is important that we enjoy our jobs. Most of us realize that it is almost unbearable to work for a company you hate. But sometimes you’ve got no choice because the company you hate also pays you a good salary. And many employees are caught in a situation where they want to quit the...

A Career in Human Resources

Posted on March 31, 2015

It has already become our tradition from time to time to look closer at careers in different fields and industries. It is our pleasure to assist our customers and readers to help with some tough career choices and resume writing challenges. This time we decided to take a closer look at a career in Human...

How to Write a Well-structured Resume?

Posted on March 30, 2015

It is true that the content is the most important part of every resume. Depending on what you kind of information you will choose to include onto your resume employers will be either more interested in your candidacy or will discard your CV in no time. However, it is not only the content that matters....

How to Ruin a Job Interview?

Posted on March 27, 2015

You have spent hours on developing an effective resume. You actually tailored your resume before sending to every job opening that seemed to be appealing enough. After all you have succeeded because you received multiple interview invitations. But does that really mean success? Not really. Unless you are hired your job search efforts can hardly...

Sabotaging Your Job Search

Posted on March 26, 2015

When we really want something we put efforts into it. If you want an ice-cream you either ask someone to buy it for you or you go and buy it yourself. With a job search it is not so easy though. Sometimes getting a job seems so complicated and difficult that many job seekers are...

How to Use Interviewers’ Subjectivity for Your Benefit

Posted on March 25, 2015

It is no secret that all interviewers are human and in one way or another their subjectivity has a signficant impact on the outcome of every interview. No matter how hard HRs and interviewing authorities try to be objective in evaluating candidates they still will be biased (even without realizing it). So sometimes the outcome...

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