Remember to keep in mind that an impressive alone is not enough to fetch your job. It can get you an interview but not the position. Have in your mind that employees hire the people and not your qualification. Even though you may be a noble award-winning candidate, you may not receive your job if your hiring manager responds negatively to your physical representation. No matter how good your qualification is, you will not get the job if you a very strong personal fit for your company and to your future boss.

It has been reported that most of the employers will make their hiring decision within the first few minutes of meeting you. According to a recent statistical report, it states that it takes only 20 seconds for the employer to judge you. Your charisma plays an important role during your job interview.

As far as possible try to create a good first impression upon the interviewer. Try to ensure that you make a strong personal connection with the interviewer immediately and convey to him that you are a trustworthy team player who can fit well with the department to promote the company. This is not a very difficult task during your initial interaction. As soon as you enter the interview room have a sincere and pleasant smile, give him a firm and dry handshake. During the interview simply look into the eye of the interviewer. When he smiles in return, it means that you are successful in establishing contact with the interviewer. To follow proper interview decorum, don't sit before him until you are asked to do.

If you are successful in making a good first impression with the interviewer, then he is likely to forgive you for the silly mistake or the jumbled answer you give to him because of the gut feeling he has in you. Also, make sure that you send out the correct non-verbal signal to the interviewer throughout the course of the interview to assure him that you are important and valuable to the employer.

Mirror the interviewer

Don't imitate the interviewer but try to maintain the same overall tone, posture, and pace in order to more effectively communicate with the interviewer. Remember that your action may be considered as a mockery if you constantly imitate or duplicate his gesture. However, make sure that you follow the interviewer's lead.

Maintain eye contact

As far as possible try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If you do not look into his eyes the interviewer may think that you are disinterested and lack confidence, honest and attention span. This does not mean that you should stare the interviewer down but maintain strong, consistent eye contact.

Perfect your handshake

Your handshake will reflect your personality. So give a strong, firm and dry handshake. Your handshake speed and strength should be according to the employer's handshake. Make sure that you maintain a medium grip with the interviewer, ensuring that the soft flat part of your skin between the thumb and forefinger should directly touch the same part of the recipient's hand. Prepare yourself to squeeze him with equal strength. Practice this technique with your friend before attending the interview.