Once you understand how the hiring process functions you will know how to write/update your resume or CV so that employers would love to talk to you during an interview. Because there is no magic pill or secrets in resume writing, one has to figure it out for himself/herself. Usually, it takes time and practice as job seekers experiment on different approaches to resume writing. We would like to rid you of that headache by providing a direction in choosing which you will not lose. As we have said, there isn't any secrets or magic about it - just thoughtful resume writing techniques.

Resume Writing Case: Sell Yourself To Employers

for-saleFirst of all job seekers have to understand that their resumes or CVs aren't just the documents that list their professional accomplishment and work history. It is your marketing tool to sell your skills (and even your personality) to employers. So it should not be about how much you like it but how hiring authorities will like it. Remember, you are selling yourself through a resume and as a typical seller is trying to please customers by the product so job seekers have to identify and fulfill the needs of an employer. So from the very start, an experienced HR should be compelled enough to carry on reading. Now going back to the seller-buyer analogy...

Imagine a customer is looking for a good computer in an appliance store. All he is interested in is a computer because he needs it to work from home. As a decent sales associate figures out what a potential customer needs he/she will offer a bunch of computers to choose from. No matter how hard one will try to sell a kettle it won't work. All the client needs is a computer; therefore a customer might appreciate if he is given the choice between different kinds of computers rather than between a computer and kettle. The same thing happens with the hiring of new people. Employers need people with a specific skill set and experience for accomplishing certain objectives. And when they need nothing else like a customer in an appliance store you will unlikely be able to sell him something else than he needs.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks of a job seeker is to identify the need. And one of the sources is the job advertisement. Many people don't spend enough time to even to read the job posting and study it. If you at least make a careful analysis of the job advert you will find out what the employer is looking for. Then it will be much easier to "sell" yourself when you know what the employer wants "to buy". Afterward, you have to convey the idea through your resume that you are the perfect match through what you accomplished at your previous workplaces.

Selling Experts at Prime-Resume

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