You have made a decision that you will be writing a résumé for your self. Why not you got a computer and know how to type. It is not a big deal after all. You realize it is not as simple as it seems. Hiring professionals claim that only 5% of the résumés in circulation, both in paper and on the net are not badly written. That said, you must avoid those deadly mistakes that most people commit. Don't go looking for an old book that explained how to write a résumé. Résumé writing styles are always changing. You don't want your résumé to look old fashioned.  You can begin with what you think the person who reads your résumé would like to know.

Resume Ideas: What Should You Include?

- Your name and address

- Things you might be able to do for him

- Training and how well you handled it

- Your past job experiences relevant to the job opening

- Achievements/accomplishments, you got in previous jobs.

- Use a style that blends your writing skill and is functional as well. Dates in the same field must be combined.

- Do mention your jobs and responsibilities. However, do not forget to mention your achievements and accomplishments. This is important because it will tell them, why are you different from among the others

- There's no need to give any personal information. No one is interested in it. Some might find it offending. You age, gender, race, religious denomination, etc must not be written. Not everything you write about qualifies you. Some people might find a reason enough to disqualify you.

- Résumés do not get more than 10-15 seconds. You need to make it brief, clear, precise and interesting.

- Proofread it again and again. Make sure you eliminate the mistakes before you submit it.

- Print it in a good quality paper and also on a good printer. A neat and clean résumé will tell the employer that you can handle the job well.

- Instead of mailing your résumés to companies and hoping they will respond. Try finding companies, who might be able to use your skills and mail them your résumé, follow it up if necessary.

- Your knowledge and abilities should be written in short and clear sentences.