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Resume Writing Trends for 2015

The world is changing even faster than most people have ever expected. Emerging technologies and recent science developments has a huge impact on our lives as they change the way common things are done. Career world is no exception. If you are a job seeker you have to know what to expect in new 2015 year. Since we are a resume writing service we can do nothing but help our readers and customers be aware of resume trends in 2015. It’s not that all of resume writing standards will be changed in 2015; however we believe there are several things job hunters should pay attention to before sending out their resumes.

First Impression in Focus

Happy New Year 2015. 3dAt Prime-resume.com we believe that first impression will be even more important than it is now. So a wow factor should be in focus when writing a resume. In other words as soon as hiring authority representative takes your your resume in his/her hands it should be crystal clear that you are one of the candidates to be invited for an interview. It makes sense then in 2015 to concentrate on ideas ad methods of creating a good first impression on a potential employer.

The very first thing that makes a great impression on employers is value proposition. Because employers are looking for people who can bring specific value to the company you have to build your resume and cover around this simple question: what value can I bring to the employer? This information should be in all parts of your resume. Wherever an employer would look at a resume he/she should stumble upon the information which either directly or indirectly point to the value you can bring to the organization. The matter of fact is that this is the main reason how candidates are selected for an interview. So you better do everything you can in order to make your value shine throughout all documents.

We also believe that in 2015 pictures and graphs will become more popular among job seekers. So it well may be that job hunters will have top pay special attention to the design and formatting of a resume. Visual engagement is to become way more important than it seems to be today. Graphs, borders, breakaway texts, borders, tables – all of these will likely become effective resume writing tools. However, this is where we believe most people will make big mistakes by overusing these design elements. It is important to always keep balance and be relevant when injecting any graphical elements.

Resume Writing Service

Our company is happy to offer professional resume writing assistance. If you have troubles creating an effective resume of your own you can always order our services and we will do our best to deliver a resume or CV that will help you receive interview invitations. If you have any questions you can contact our live support reps any time.


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