Resume writing is a common challenge for those who are looking for a job, a new career or even for the freshers looking for an internship. However, writing winning resumes isn't something all of us can do with great success. In the world of competition, you will need to uplift the standard of your resume every time you are going to submit it for a job vacancy. The following tips are valuable with regard to writing winning resumes:

  1. Target your resume: While writing your resume focus on your target field and create the resume surrounding the key phrase. If you want to use the same resume for multiple positions and include all your experiences to make it an overall decent one, you may fail to highlight the particular field for a particular job. So it's wise to determine the target skills and experiences for each post separately and write your resumes accordingly.
  2. Use strategies: Resume is almost like the billboards or advertising boards and they serve to advertise for you. Think yourself to be a product and the resume should thus include all the services and good things you have to offer. Strategize, plan and use your resume to make you stand alone from the crowd.
  3. Don't overdo with it: Do not congest the resume by including each and everything you have to say about yourself. Resumes are written to win an interview, not the job itself. So only speak as you need and don't give too many details else it will fail you highlighting the magnetic points.
  4. Use characters that catch attention: To draw attention to specific points its better to use special characters like "%", "#" and so. These will grab the attention of the recruiter like nothing else.
  5. Follow structures: Make your resume comprehensible and make sure that you present the information in a concise manner. Try to follow a structured style like bulleted points instead of a lengthy paragraph.
  6. Start with the magnetic points: make sure you put the right point at the right place. When employers are stacked with thousands of resumes they aren't likely to give 5 minutes after each of those letters. You can expect to win only 30 seconds and make sure you highlight your strength enough and put it in the first place to reach the recruiters' minds.
  7. Use Action words: Action words are keys for a resume to top up. Try to start the headings and bulleted sentences with action words.

The tips are aplenty. But make sure you implement them correctly to produce a quality resume.