Some years ago, when there was no trend of a résumé, what all job seekers did was fill up an application form for the job. In the absence of a résumé, employers found it difficult to know more about the candidate, they came out with a demand for résumé that had to be one-page. They hoped it would work. Unfortunately, even this system of one-page résumé did not do any good. The employers realized they were recruiting the wrong people. Hiring a person was proving to be expensive, with the forms, the advertisement, the interview, hiring and the training, before the actual work could be given to the person. If they end up hiring a wrong person, it would only mean a waste. Finding the right person might have minimized the cost.

Résumés have come a long way since then. Employers expect to get a lot of information through it. It is not just about your qualifications. They expect you to mention, whom you have worked for and how long. Not only this, they want to know more. Of course, you must mention your qualifications, but in addition to it, you must also give them a good reason, as to what makes you a preferable candidate for the job, how your skills will work out for the post you are applying for. Describing your jobs is important, but don't go on to tell them what you can do and what you cannot. Just mention the job you did and also a little information regarding your job. Employers might be interested in knowing the way you handled your previous jobs.

Educational qualifications: employers might be interested in knowing a lot about your educational qualifications. There are a lot of things that can be mention here. You must mention your school, college and also about your postgraduate studies if you have done any. Any extra diploma or training you got must also be mentioned. They would also like to know if you have any knowledge about computers and know how to operate it. Besides, if you know any foreign language, you must mention it.

In case you are in any professional associations and such communities, you must write about it. Whatever your position or whatever you do, you should write about it. These are the information that forms the content of your résumé. The information you provide in your résumé helps your prospective employer determine, whether to hire you or not. Most employers prefer to hire those whom they think they know well. My work includes preparing e-mail résumés that can be scanned and used for an internet database. I can assist you in writing an effective résumé. My expertise and the information you provide will surely get it noticed. No doubt. You will get a job.