In these last days of 2015 people start thinking about what they would like to be during the next year. As it often is we are not happy with a passing year mostly due to the missed chances, failures or personal life circumstances. However, sometimes it happens that the year was not good because we never set any goals to achieve. We never care enough to develop a plan we can follow in order to move in a better direction. It is true of personal life as well as a professional career. Since we are no experts in personal life matters there is no point in us giving any recommendations in that area. Nevertheless, we do know something in career development that can help make your next year a better one. So if you are thinking about making a new year's resolution for 2016 below you can find some advice that could direct your thoughts a little bit.

5 Career Resolution Ideas


Professional Development. Set your focus on professional development as it is something you will never regret doing. Today one can have access to multiple trainings, seminars and educational programs which can help you become a better specialist. Spend some time identifying your weaknesses and address them.

A compelling resume. Make sure you have your resume up-to-date at all times. Whenever you see a career opportunity you should be ready to make use of it. The resume shouldn't be up-to-date only but should be appealing to potential employers as well.

Get a raise or promotion. You can be happy working at the company but as we all know good is the enemy of the great. So move out of your comfort zone to get yourself a better position despite the odds.

Get a new job. If you don't like your current employer then quit your job and get a new one. It is not so easy but that' what can help you re-kindle your career passion. You can change not only the job, but the career field.

Work on networking. Meeting new people who can help with a new job is extremely important nowadays but that is something that doesn't always happen by chance. It requires commitment and planning.

Don't Fail

People often make resolutions either publicly or personally. One can even keep quiet about the resolutions made because it is somewhat personal. However, no matter whether it is a public one or you just wrote it on a piece of paper for yourself there is a certain danger that those commitments will be broken pretty soon. Obviously, the majority can easily find at least 3 reasonable explanations of why that happened. Most resolutions fail because people tend to make too many commitments they can't keep up with later. Enthusiasm is all good but one needs to be realistic as well. It is better to limit yourself to fewer resolutions than to have a long list of them but fail to keep them all. Another problem that people often procrastinate which results in ultimate failure. Some people also adopt not their own resolutions, not ours. But there is one reason that is common for everybody - we don't want to work hard in order to achieve those goals.