12 Skills to Have on a Resume

You may be surprised to know but there are things on a resume that are capable of making you a stronger candidate irrespective of the job you are applying for or even the industry you want to work in. There are skills that are sought by employers regardless of the job opening they need to fill in. But the truth of the matter is that writing these skills in the end of a resume doesn't do much good. Including certain skills in the section "Other Skills" won't do the trick. These abilities must be shown throughout the work experience and accomplishments in order to make you a stronger candidate. It is one thing to say you are good at creating reports and it is totally different to demonstrate how your reports helped people do their work better for example. In this article we are going to list some of the skills that can really help you stand out against the crowd of other candidates (if you showcase those skills in action).

Making Your Resume Stronger

Data Analysis. Many jobs (not only technical jobs) revolve around data. It is not only about marketing analysis specialists or data experts who need to do this kind of job. For example developers who work to create a popular site and track statistical data need to use this skill. Also, those who deal with customers on a regular basis will inevitable deal with analyzing the data to improve their service. resume skills

Adaptability. Things changes fast in today's technological world. What you used to do three months ago may not apply today. Or at least it could change significantly. Showing your prospective employer that you are okay with making significant pivots in your position is a great move in terms of your job search campaign because often your job description might change completely one day.

Process Improvement Skills. Employers crave after people who are good at making things work more efficiently. If you have done that at your former workplace, highlight this experience showing how you made things better. Companies appreciate people who can understand where things can be improved and who can make processes more efficient.

Photo Editing Skills. This world becomes all about digital information, especially visuals. People want to see something once rather than listen about it thousand times. Regardless of the job you pursue, Photoshop skills can be extremely helpful in your job search. Besides, Photoshop can also be used for website mockups too.

Research Skills. Information is an extremely valuable tool nowadays. Relevant information at the right time can be like gold for many companies. If you are good at finding the right information then you are definitely a stronger candidate who doesn't have this skill. Also, it can be helpful in resolving administrative problems in a timely manner which is an important aspect of administering a business.

Problem-Solving. You can hardly find a job where these skills can be considered not useful. Because every position assumes certain problems to resolve, you will inevitably need this ability to succeed. Listing the problems you were able to solve during your past employments will help you prove an employer that you actually have this skill and not just talking about it without any facts.

Teamwork. Every job assumes interaction with other employees. Every position assumes you are going to have a team with which you will be trying to achieve specific goal. Now the size of the team can be different as well as the level of interaction within a team can vary, but the fact is that you will working alongside people to accomplish specific goals. Having the ability to work in a team is an important area assessed by hiring authorities.

Important Note

Obviously, it will be tough to effectively showcase all of those skills on a resume alone (especially considering the fact that HRs spend seconds on reviewing a resume). Keep in mind though that resume alone will not grant you a job. Use cover letter, interview meeting and thank you letter as tools to showcase the skills mentioned above.

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