5 Gifts Ideas for Job Seekers

The upcoming Christmas and the holidays are nothing but a season of giving. It is a time when people forget about themselves only to find time for others. Millions of people all over the world are surfing online stores and visiting retail shops hoping to find perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Sometimes the process is a pure delight when you know what to buy. However, sometimes it can be a struggle especially when you have no idea what kind of gifts would bring joy to those who will receive them. In this article, we are going to list some great gift ideas that would make excellent presents for those looking for a job. Because the job search itself can often be a lonely process, picking a thoughtful gift for a job seeker can demonstrate your love and care which is the entire point of presents. More than that, sometimes you can even help such a person to get a job! Below you will find a list of gift ideas that could match any job seeker's needs and wants.

From Massage to Resume Writing Services

Stress Relief Gifts. If you have ever searched for a new job, you should know how stressful it can be. Agreat way to decrease stress level for such a person is to attend a massage session. A variety of options is available as there are many companies offering gift cards for different types of massage. Don't limit yourself to the massage options only. The goal is stress relief and whatever you know will help accomplish that task can turn out to be a great gift. There are so many things one can buy from a stress ball to stress-relief packages that contain all kinds of products. This should also give you flexibility with your budget since you can choose not only what is useful for the one who will receive the gift but also something that will be within your spending limits. Job seeker happily raising hands

Coaching and Skills Development. Although a career coach may sound like a weird gift to most people, it can certainly be a great present in the eyes of job seekers. We don't turn to the career counseling services very often on our own so it can really become the perfect gift for those who look for employment. It would be great if you could conduct a research and find a professional that will be able to meet the needs and wants of the one you want to give this gift to. One-on-one coaching sessions can really make a difference in one's career so if you really want to surprise your job seeking friend or loved one, coaching services is one way to do it. Also, you can consider skills development classes which can be of great help to those who wish to change careers. Besides, in this case one doesn't even need to leave his/her home - everything can be done online. So buying an online membership at a website that offers professional skills development classes can be another gift option for a job seeker.

Resume Writing Services. In order to get a job it is essential to have a professionally written resume. If one doesn't have it, that means that those who do have it will always be first to take the spot. So ordering resume writing services can significantly help job seekers and, thus, make a great gift for Christmas or any other holiday really. We had several customers at Prime-Resume who secretly ordered a resume and provided all necessary information about the one for whom the resume was going to be written and given as a Christmas gift. Investing in career success of your friend or loved one is never a bad idea. In this particular case we can help you make that gift look awesome - you can place your order with Prime-Resume spending only a few minutes to fill out the form or reach out to get more information.

Interview Wardrobe. Because qualifications and skills are not the only factors that influence hiring decisions, job seekers need to think through all the details as they go to interviews because eventually that's where the decision is made. Hiring managers and interviewers confess that clothing often has a great impact on how the candidate is assessed. By purchasing a new outfit for interviews you can significantly help your gift recipient to make the right first impression on a hiring manager. Even when you are not sure what kind of outfit would be the most appropriate you can still buy a gift card with one of local retailers.

Professional Organization Membership. It is no secret that those candidates whose applications have an employee referral are much more likely to land an interview, and eventually a job. You can help a job seeker on your gift list make important connections by purchasing a membership in a relevant professional association. If you check Association Directory, you can find a comprehensive list of professional associations to choose from. All you have to do is to identify the right group and pay for the membership.

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