Career Challenge for Introverts: Job Interview

We have all met people who kind of minimize their contact with others and they seem to be preoccupied more with their own feelings and thoughts. All of their actions are usually directed inward. We call those people introverts. Sometimes we all act like introverts but there are people for whom such approach to life is not something they do sometimes, but rather most of their life. If you are such a person, it is very unlikely that you will enjoy any of them. Most people find job interviews a stressful experience, but for introverts, it poses some tough challenges (being the center of attention, answering questions, etc.). The problem is that there is no way to avoid this event if one wants to have a successful career. Introverts often are too nervous on meetings like this and as a result, they are not performing their best. This article should help introverts to prepare for this quite stressful experience.

Interview Tips for Introverts

First of all, you have to prepare well. Before you ever enter the office of your potential employer you have to practice. Ask someone you know to play the employer and practice more than once. You may find it ridiculous but without decent preparation, you will likely won't perform very well during the interview. Before role-playing the interview, get your questions and answers ready. There are plenty of materials available online that can help you get an idea about what kind of questions you will have to answer during an interview. Also, research the organization or company. You have to know about it as much as possible. The more you know, the better it is. Such preparation will give you a sense that you know what to do calming your nerves a little bit and giving you a confidence boost.

So prepare by practicing the whole thing and know the company where you are going to be interviewed. Secondly, visiting the location beforehand can help you visualize the environment a little bit. By doing you will be able to find out about any anomalies that alter the time of your arrival or any other thing that can influence your mood. So it is better to familiar with the place beforehand in order to avoid any unexpected issues. Another benefit of visiting the company office before the interview is that you will know how much time you will need to get there. Thirdly, bring some notes with you on an interview along with some portfolio samples. The notes will rid you of the worries that you will forget to say something. Don't try to write full sentences, keep the points short. You might also want to jot down questions you would like to ask. A portfolio is meant to be the evidence of your key accomplishments, which is something you can always lean on when you have to talk about yourself. Lastly, remind yourself to smile and keep your answers positive no matter what.

These are simple things you can do to make your job interview go smoothly. Besides, smiling and positive attitude will likely help you and the interviewer to feel more comfortable talking about your career and the job. And remember, quiet people have the loudest minds. All you need is hiring a manager to see that in you during the interview. We totally believe you can handle it.

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