Celebrating The Fourth of July!

Commemorating the Fourth of July is a big thing for all of us, Americans. This is the date when the the Declaration of Independence was formally announced along with the irrevocable separation from the Great Britain. Many people get together on parades, barbecues, fairs, concerts, etc. It is one of the most important holidays held in the US and Americans love to celebrate all that is American on this day. We believe we all should know the history behind the date so we will share a little bit of background information on why and what we celebrate on this day.

Why and What We Celebrate?

Millions of people celebrate the Fourth of July for several reasons. First of all, it represents an official declaration of independence announced by the 13 states claiming the United States independent from Great Britain. The statement (usually referred to as the Declaration of Independence) was authored by Thomas Jefferson who chaired the Committee of Five. The Declaration itself was revised and ultimately approved on July 4 (although the initial document was officially written on July 2). The day it was publicly approved by the Congress was one of the most memorable moments in the US history. Historians predicted it would be celebrated by succeeding generations and they were right. The Independence Day has become a national anniversary festival celebrated by millions of American citizens. successBut this day is more than just a commemoration of what had happened in 1776. This has now become a holiday when people celebrate the core of their identity. The text of the Declaration is so rich in meaning that it is relevant for all generations. Combining the history of American ideas and values, Thomas Jefferson presented the statement to the ruler of Great Britain. But the message itself is something that summarizes the core of American beliefs and values and, therefore, is still celebrated by people today. More than that, the Declaration is the best statement to refer to when one is not clear on what it means to be a citizen of the USA. This document is the source where one can find understanding of true patriotism. In other words, it can be a guide on the way to understand what it means to be an American. Despite the fact that the Declaration was written in the times of different philosophies and social norms, it still embodies the true values that were not changed since then. The "...all men are created equal" statement is the idea strongly enforced by the nation as well as by individuals within the country. And though many things have changed, the core values expressed in the document remain the same today as they were pronounced more than 200 years ago.

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