Choosing an Outfit for a Job Interview

You are what you wear. Even if this saying is not true many people who don't know you will follow that principle - they will make their own judgment about who you are by your attire. It may be wrong but you can do nothing about it. What you wear does send messages whether you want it or not. This is especially relevant for people who are coming to be interviewed by hiring authorities because their job is to evaluate candidates and select the most fitting ones to fill in the opening. Of course, no one is going to make that decision based on what you wear but it can certainly influence the way a potential employer perceives a candidate as a person. It may be wrong, biased, unfair, but that's a reality and you either take it into account or ignore it. The choice is yours.

Job Interview Attire Tips

attireMany job seekers don't bother about what they should be wearing to an interview. They think that sticking to classics is the best choice so wearing a suit is what they think would be the most appropriate option. Such approach reaches back to the past when all of the job candidates were expected to dress that way. But because businesses today are more trendy and somewhat casual things have become more complicated than they used to be. The thing is that today there are so many options that you could be lost between what is comfortable and what is appropriate for a job interview. In the following passages, we would like to help solve this riddle and list several tips for dressing up for such an important event like an interview. If you have ever read our blog there is one thing you must have learned - being well-prepared for an interview makes a huge difference. And most preparations really boil down to one simple thing - tailor your application to each and every job specifically. In order to do that one needs to know specific industry standards as well company's requirements and philosophy.

Spend some time in attempts to check whether there are any dress code rules in the company you are applying to. If you can't find anything online, go a step further and visit nearby coffee shops to check what employees are wearing for the day. It can help you choose a similar style of dress... Different industries have their own dress standards (even if they are not official) - some sectors require a suit while others stick to more casual kind of clothes. As we have said before, you can always choose a safe ground by stick to classic as it is appropriate across all industries. Trousers, button-down shirt, and blazer for men and a pencil skirt along with a blouse and jacket for women. With such outfits, you will likely avoid misunderstandings. Although a job interview is not a good stage for experiments we still recommend adding colorful details along with your sharp suite. So don't fear color as many job seekers do; it can help you stand out if you choose appropriate colorful elements like a tie or even shoes. Please don't take this advice as an opportunity to put on all your colorful clothes. We talking about a pinch of color to help you stand out.

The Devil is in the Detail

Don't forget about such details as polishing your shoes, ironing a shirt, etc. This is important because such details hold the image together. Make sure you look sharp and no one can see your undergarments when you sit down or stand up. Silent or turn off your cell phone. And even if you forgot to do that and it rang during an interview, just deny the call and turn off the sound without looking at the screen to find out who is calling... Lastly, don't take backpacks with you and things you won't need during your conversation with a potential employer.

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