Whether you are writing your resume or going to a job interview, you probably have employment as your primary target. But both resume and interview meeting is the chance for hiring authorities to evaluate you on several key areas, such as your fit for the opening, professionalism, your interest and personality. Most job seekers choose to concentrate on the first three criteria in attempts to stand out among the crowd of other applicants. That means that the personality area remains somewhat hidden from employers. You may be surprised to know though that personality is absolutely crucial for the overall employment success. Much depends on how you demonstrate you personality both in your resume and during the interview meeting. The thing is that companies are looking for personalities, not just skill sets. It is personalities that can bring the company to the next level after all.

How to Showcase One's Personality

12First of all, use leadership language when you are writing your resume and going to apply for leadership/management positions. By leadership language we mean strong words, like "implemented", "developed", "introduced", etc. backed up with results. Some candidates seem to claim leadership when it is not true - don't try to do that. Employers will be smart enough to understand what you really did. However, don't be shy to claim it if it is true.

Listing your leadership experience and results you achieved will showcase your personality much better than one word "leadership" under the skills section of your resume. And generally, don't be shy - it will not help you get the job as you think it may. Your resume isn't the document to downplay your genuine achievements. Hiring managers want to know what you are truly capable of and what motivates you. To finish with resume writing, don't forget to proofread your final document carefully to ensure it looks flawless. Poor spelling or grammatical errors will tell employers more about your personality than you can ever think. Give it to a friend to read it and flag any inconsistencies either logically or grammatically. You want to be sure that your resume is a clear representation of who you are in the professional world. A friend can help you present yourself in a way that shows who you truly are.

Another option is to use a professional resume writing service - experienced writers with HR experience can help create a document that will eventually land you some job interviews. When you are at a job interview, be both interested and interesting. That means you have to spend some time preparing for the meeting. Don't think you will be able to pull it off by improvising only - this is the reason why many qualified candidates are denied the job. Let your personality come through the way you answer and ask questions. Think of stories (both professional and personal) that will be relevant for employers and which will help you demonstrate your personality.

The main rule for the interview meeting - don't try to be someone else. In the pursuit of painting a better (more professional) picture, candidates lose their own personalities.