Job Search Shortcuts That Will Make the Process Take Longer

People always look for things that will make their lives easier. Some kind of magic pill that will help them overcome a certain problem without doing much work. A shortcut that will help them avoid hassle and still achieve set goals. A secret that few people know of that will lead to guaranteed success. Job seekers are no exception as they are easily caught in the secrets like that. Due to the increased number of "career experts", there are many ideas shared mostly online about how can one ensure employment in a matter of several days. However, life is often more complicated that people think and those shortcuts don't stant the test of jobs market reality. More than that, some of them may even make the job search process take longer. In this article we will review somew of the "secrets" that are supposed to help job seekers when, in fact, they bring nothing but trouble.

No Magic Pills Help Without Hard Work

JobsearchThe most common shortcut used by job seekers is to send Out the same resume and cover letter to multiple employers. It seems like a great shortcut because you don't have to spend much time on tailoring your main marketing document for every position. The truth of the matter is that taking such shortcut will actually throw you at the very back of the line since generic resumes (and that's how the resume looks when it is meant to be sent to everyone) never attract HR's attention. Looking at the resume that is packed with a ton of stuff some of which is relevant while other parts are completely off the point doesn't result in an inverview invitation. Keep in mind, that hiring authorities spend less than 10 seconds to review each resume and if some parts of it are not relevant, the chances are high you will be denied the chance to have an interview. Another misleading shortcut says that all you have to do is out the word out and everyone else will do the work. When job seekers stick to this principle, they usually hope that when they keep saying that they are looking for a specific job all the time, it will intially land them employment. However, the reality is that when you say if off-hand during a friendly conversation about football game, people will hear nothing but, "football blah, blah, blah, football..." It is important you target your job search efforts and you do it in a good time. Sending your resume to a person whom you kind of know will unlikely help you find a job. As a result, you will just lose time hoping for positive outcome when there will be nothing but silence. Lastly, job seekers are recommended to skip additional instructions and focus only on what's important. But the problem with this approach is that "additional" doesn't mean "not important". It is true that some hiring managers don't bother to check all formalities and additional requirements for the applications. However, there are certainly some who will. And you never know what side your hiring manager will take. Even if you have an amazing resume, choosing to ignore additional requirements may result in you getting disqualified from the competition and your awesome resume will not even be opened.

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Michael S.

Thank you for the wonderful resume and layout. I am pleased with the work. My job search will kick into high gear in December so I will probably be using cover letter service then. Please add the gaduation date from Excel Technical college as 1998. Thank you so much.

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Well written and it doesn't concentrate on the foodservice manager, a field I do not want to work in.

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I wanted to let you know that I got the resume the very day you sent it out. My interview was scheduled for Tuesday and that same night, by 10 pm, I got an email from the principal informing me that the position was mine. The result was superquick!!! The job’s at the school I really wanted to be a part of. Thanks a million!!!

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