Resume writing services today offer a wide range of additional features that could help you succeed in your job search efforts. Very few companies actually are engaged exclusively in resume writing because they understand people today need much more than that. If any resume company will fail to meet the needs of customers people will just look for a different service. At Prime-resume we try to do our best to provide services that could be helpful to job seekers in the area of resume writing and job search in general. Today we would like to focus on one of the services of ours that could help you make sure you have an outstanding resume, cover letter or even thank you letter. We are talking about the feature of talking with the writer.

How Can It Help?

mobile_phone_hand_w1024Our resume writing service offers contact with the writer option in case you want to talk to the person who is going to develop a resume for you. Usually, people do it either before our writer starts working on your order or after the order has been completed. In the first case, our clients explain to the writers what they want and how they want it to be done. Sometimes it is impossible to explain the situation in writing (or it is very difficult to do so) so talking over the phone can be the perfect solution. There are many career challenges our clients face today and it is important for any professional writer to understand the problem before trying to solve it. So before submitting the order upload all necessary career information and talk with the writer explaining what you expect, what are your career objectives, and what kind of jobs are you pursuing.

If you explain all of the aforementioned things to the writer it will be much easier for the writer to deliver a high-quality resume or cover letter. Moreover, the documents you will receive will be much more effective because they will be tailored to a specific job opening. Of course, you can communicate that via our messaging system but this way it will take time for the writer to ask you questions and get all necessary information about your job search efforts and career aspirations.

Besides, talking over the phone it will not only save time but also exclude common misunderstanding that happens during written communication. From our experience, we can say that oral communication is way more effective than written one so we advise you to use the option of talking to your writer in person. When you receive your resume and/or cover letter and you think you would want to change several things you can request a revision. We will incorporate the requested changes within 24 hrs from the time you made the request. However, sometimes customers hesitate whether what they want to change may have a negative impact on the document. In this case, you could also request a callback. Our writer will get in touch with you as soon as he/she can. During a phone conversation, you could ask what the writer thinks about incorporating your ideas into the document and whether it may have any negative impact on your job search efforts.