Resume writing seems to be a very complex process as job seekers have to take into account many factors in order to be successful in their job hunt. Relevant experience, key accomplishments, educational credentials, skills, training, certifications - all of these sections have to be arranged in a way that would convey your professionalism to a potential employer. It a well-known fact that resumes get approximately 10-15 second glance at the first screening. We have developed a checklist with the help of which you could see whether your resume is worthy of the HR manager's attention.

Resume Writing: Things To Check

seoauditchecklistEither you were asked to review a resume of your friend or you have developed your own resume and want to make sure it looks good we recommend paying attention to the following areas of resume writing.

First impression. You can try and give the resume to someone you know who will be honest with you and ask such a person about his/her first impression. Does it look original? Does it have enough white space and well-organized sections? What does the resume start from and does it bring necessary information about your qualifications? Is it not tool long? These questions are to be addressed in the first place.

Sections and structure. Make sure whether all resume sections are clearly labeled. The work history should be listed in a reversed chronological order. It is also important to pay attention to the order in which sections are organized. With the help of the smart organization of text and sections, one could highlight the strongest credentials.

Results. If a resume doesn't bring a clear message of a successful professional and a progressing individual then it will be tough to find a decent job. Both successful professional and a progressing individual could be judged by the results/accomplishments. In other words, is there anything in the resume that indicates specific results, not just routine duties?

Writing. There should be no typos or any other errors so make sure to proofread your resume. The content flow should appear logical and everybody reading it must be able to easily understand everything. Avoid using personal nouns as well as idioms and acronyms that may not be understood by Hiring authorities.

Resume Writing Services

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