Prime-resume has been working in the resume writing industry for years and we have learned to be more than just a resume service. We have learned what it is our clients are looking for and now we know it is not just a high-quality resume (although without a doubt it is a very important component of a successful experience for all customers). However, we believe that in today's fast developing world we need to offer more than just high-quality resume writing services. There are so many things that go together with resume writing, but most resume companies never bother to address those issues. That is when we made the decision to become more than just a resume writing service for our clients.

What Can We Offer Apart From Resume Writing Services?

typingDespite the fact that we offer much more than just good resume writing practices we always make sure you receive high quality and effective resume because we believe it is the most powerful marketing tool. Our experienced HRs and editors polish up a resume to perfection so that hiring authorities would want to invite you for an interview. This is a crucial element for our team when we work on your resume - we always want to know what kind of jobs you are going to apply for with the resume so that we could tailor it to the requirements of specific positions. So we don't just create resumes using one of the genetic templates, but rather try our best to highlight relevant skills and qualifications in each and every resume or CV so that our client would have all chances to be hired. There are many job adverts that require a cover letter to be sent along with a resume when applying for a job. We understand that writing a cover letter might seem like a small thing but it really isn't if one wants to have an effective cover letter. Prime-resume offers packages that include a resume and cover letter - it will be cheaper than ordering them separately.

Most resume writing services stop at that point offering no more services. We went way further to offer personalized thank you letter note that you could send after you have gone through an interview. It will help you remind employers of yourself and highlight your interest in the position (which often become an important factor when selecting a candidate). We understand that many job seekers don't have time to look for job adverts online and send multiple applications. That is why we have a resume distribution service. That means you tell us what kind of jobs you are looking for and where and it will be our job to find employment agencies that could help you get hired and send your resume to those agencies. So all you have to do is to provide your old resume and tell us what you want. We will take care of the rest. What else would you expect from a resume writing service? Well, we also offer interview tips for free as well as the list of employment agencies (within the US and international). For those job seekers who meet lots of people, we have resume-business card service.