Becoming a Successful Boss

No one becomes a good boss, manager, or leader just by developing an effective resume. There is no one who is automatically a good director after successfully passed a job interview. These are only steps to be hired for the applied position (be it a supervisor, manager or school teacher). Today we would like to concentrate on people who usually have an immense burden of responsibility by leading the company to the established goals. No, we are not going to talk on how to create a resume that will highlight the skills which are most relevant to the management type of job. As we sometimes do we decided to go further and demonstrate how one can succeed having been hired for the leadership job. It is much more difficult by the way than simply drafting a resume or CV as it usually takes way longer. In fact, it takes life to learn and become a better boss. In this article, we'll just share some of the tips that could give candidates a solid foundation on which they could build their career. They will work in pretty much any industry be it sales, legal or education field.

Key Principles

bossOne of the problems that doesn't let managers and supervisors be effective in leading the team is an intimidation factor. Most employees are reluctant to honestly communicate everything they have in their minds regarding job assignments. The thing is that every boss and manager is automatically viewed as someone who is never happy about how employees work. It almost seems like there is some kind of a tower where managers live in and from time to time they condescend to other employees. Such management style creates barriers between you and the team whether you realize it or you think that's the way it is supposed to be.

What you have to learn is not to condescend from time to time to your subordinates but rather build such kind of relationships with them that they would know you are all in one boat. It is only when your team will find you more human and not intimidating at all is when employees will be happy to honestly communicate with you anytime. This contributes to good teamwork by opening lines of communication. One of the most effective leaders have people they can trust. This then speaks both of the selected team members as well as the ability of a leader to trust people. Leaders often prefer doing it themselves as they often trust exclusively their own capabilities. The problem is you cannot handle everything, especially if you mean to be a successful boss. Managers and directors are to oversee multiple operations but it is impossible to do all those tasks on their own. So some of the tasks have to be entrusted to other team members. Besides, the lack of trust on your part can be easily spotted by your team which always has a negative impact on the overall efficiency. Keep in mind you are one team so you are all in one boat. If you don't learn to trust your people it will fire back at you when you expect it the least. And id you do learn to let your employees do their job you may be very surprised at how rewarded you will be with their performance levels.

And lastly, if something goes wrong that doesn't mean that personally you as the boss has to solve it. You just have to make sure it is solved. There is a big difference between those two. Besides, you cannot solve every problem on your own. Usually, there always are people on the team who may know some things better than you do. So part of your job is to quickly identify the issue and decide who would be the best person to deal with it. Again, this has a lot to do with how much you trust your employees. Well, whatever the problem is you probably know that there are areas of expertise which your subordinates can handle better than you. So why don't you ask them to deal with certain kinds of problems? This way you will have more time on your primary responsibilities so that you could be more productive in what you do.

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