Remember that you can't be everything to everybody in one application. Every day we find many job seekers who are fleeting the fields of real estate, finance, automotive sales, retail, and manufacturing. Most of them don't have any clue regarding where they are running and for what reason they are running. Make sure that you are flexible and explore all possibilities. It is also important for you to make sure that your resume must clearly focus on your goal.

The common mistake which most job seekers make are they carry a single resume to get almost all the interviews for different position types throughout several industries. This is not a very good strategy since the resume will serve convenient to the job rather than fulfilling the need of the employer.

General resumes create a lot of confusion

Your resume must concentrate on the job you are applying to. It should be able to give your hiring manager a clear detail about your goal. If you are not able to achieve this, then you are leaving doubt about your level of professional focus. Remember that your employer is not your career counselor to carefully evaluate your skill and match you up with a good job in his firm. Most of the HR will not read your resume fully. they just screen through your resume within 10 seconds or less. Within this time you have to make your point.

General resume underestimate your competition

Most of the HR officers will be evaluating hundreds of resumes each day. So if your resume is vague or unimpassioned, there is a greater probability that you won't pass the initial screening. So don't worry about the time, effort and money involved in resume development rather think about the competition that exists in the present economy

General resume perform poorly in electronic scanning

Nowadays most of the employers rely more on scanning devices to locate your resume through online job sites or in their own databases. If you are applying for a sales job, then your employer may search for a keyword such as manufacturers, representatives, etc, if they require to find candidates who have experience with their products or selling on behalf of manufacturing firms. this will lead to two types of candidates; ones who have a lot of manufacturing sales experience and the other ones who don't but are still selling themselves specifically to this opportunity.

A sales resume will generally avoid mentioning industries. You will be able to get through the initial screening process by using keywords such as skills, keywords, and achievements. The employer then may scan again so try to use more targeted, industry-specific keywords to shrink the piles of resumes even further to just the resumes they'll actually want to read. It is important to make sure that your resume should at least be clearly directed to a type of job.

Be Smart

Don't rely on a general resume. To impress the employer make sure to write your strengths. Make sure to write your goal in your resume. This will help you to gain the confidence of the employer. Without this, your resume may realistically be a waste of any time or effort that you put in