Prime-resume has become much more than simply a resume writing company. We constantly expand the list of our services in order to help job seekers overcome various career challenges they face. Cover letters, thank you notes, interview tips, KSAs - these are just some of the additional services that we are happy to offer to our customers. However, there is one that deserves special attention - resume distribution. This is one of the most handy service available at our company and many job seekers already have expressed their appreciation of such feature available. A resume distribution service is just another additional job search tool to send your resume or CV to the employment agencies throughout the country.

What Exactly is a Resume Distribution?

If you have a professionally written resume, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will start getting interviews right away. The next step after having a winning resume is to search for appropriate job openings or contact employment agencies so that they could help get hired. In order to save time, many people choose the latter. But have you ever thought about searching the web in attempts to find the employment agencies (lest you think about the openings) that can help find appropriate career opportunities? If you have done that, you should know then what it is like, because there are so many recruitment agencies, specializing in different fields… A resume distribution service was integrated into our system to deliver you from such a hassle. In order to place a resume distribution order, you need to provide the following:
  • Desired position (i.e. sales manager, office administrator, logistics coordinator, etc.)
  • Preferred location(-s) of employment (Baltimore, MD; Los Angeles, CA; San Antonio, TX, etc.)
On the basis of the provided information, we will select the employment agencies that specialize within the specific fields of employment and geographical areas (state, country). Basically, you just tell us what you want to be and where and you leave everything else up to us. From that point our team of HR experts will make sure that your resume/CV will reach the employment agencies that will be able to assist you with finding relevant career opportunities. After we send your resume or CV to the employment agencies, you will receive the report so that you could know what agencies received your resume/CV.With the resume distribution service you will save you a good deal of time and efforts. All you have to do is choose the respective option under the additional services section and provide necessary information. We will take care of everything else.