When looking for an employment, job opportunities may arise more often than we notice. However, in order to make use of the opportunities one needs to be prepared. Prime-resume.com is willing to help you be ready to make use of the favorable circumstances in order to get the job Business Card Resume is our new service that may help you present yourself in a brief and effective manner. Basically, it is a short version of your resume in the form of a business card. You can hand out those to anybody who can possibly help you get the interview. The result may be better than you expect.

In order to create an effective business card resume, we would need to have one’s resume or CV. If you don’t have one and want to order business card resume only, then you should provide us with the following details:

  • career objectives (the job you are looking for)
  • professional experience (names of employers, titles and employment dates)
  • major accomplishments (things you consider you biggest professional achievements)
  • educational credentials (degrees earned)

The information you have provided will be carefully studied and analyzed. In this process, your key skills and competencies will identified in order to be highlighted in the business card resume. As soon as we have the aforementioned details, we will choose the appropriate layout (based on the job/position you are looking for) and incorporate the relevant information. IMPORTANT: Please, note that Prime-resume.com provides only the electronic version of a business card resume. We do not provide hard copies of mini-resumes nor of any other documents.