The first on the list of the Best 5 Engineering Companies is Black and Veatch. This company is a first-class engineering firm, with its revenues amounting to more than US 2 billion dollars, and 100 offices all over the world, with projects that are accomplished successfully on different continents. Black and Veatch deserve to be on the number one spot, with their business focus on infrastructure development, management consulting, and the environment, water, energy, and telecommunications markets. Black and Veatch also offers management consultancy services and other engineering services such as, conceptualization services, construction services, design services, infrastructure development, financial and asset management to name a few. They have offices everywhere in the United States and their headquarters can be found in Kansas.

The second on the list is a firm well known for being a company owned by the employees. MWH is renowned for being a firm owned by its employees. The company has 6,000 employees all over the world. They have clients from the United States, Asia, India, the Middle East all the way to India. Their main office is in Colorado. Their businesses are in the areas of natural resources, energy, water infrastructure, and wastewater. Their services are comprehensive with programs that include management, consulting services, and construction services for the private and government sectors. The number four on the spot of the top 5 engineering firms is the jobseekers' favorite, Jacobs Engineering Group. It is a world-renowned and world-class engineering services organization. They offer services across all the major engineering disciplines, with revenues amounting to more than US 8 billion dollars worldwide.

Here are the best five engineering firms in our list in a descending format, with their contact details:

1. Black & Veatch, Contact number: (913) 458-2000 Website:

2. MWH, Contact number: (303) 533-1900 Website:

3. Hatch Mott McDonald, Contact Number: (216) 535-3652 Website:

4. Jacobs Engineering Group, Contact Number: (571) 218-1446 Website:

5. TBE Group, Inc., Contact number: (800) 861-8314 Website: