You have probably heard that the accomplishments section usually makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill candidate and future employee. It is true that companies are much more interested in what candidates have accomplished rather than what they did. The result is always on the top. Therefore, hiring authorities prefer candidates who have accomplished something over those who are in the business of handling specific responsibilities. However, there are some accomplishments job seekers should omit in order to have chances for employment.

Resume Writing & Accomplishments

AchievementsDespite the widespread opinion that if you have accomplishments on your resume you will be among top candidates for the position, we don't think it is necessarily true. Not because the accomplishments are not important, but because some achievement is not appropriate to be included in one's resume. In this article, we will dwell on what kind of accomplishments don't matter. Many job seekers believe the more they lie on the resume about their experience and/or accomplishments, the more chances they will have for an interview. We don't believe that it is a good way to gain your employer's trust so we never recommend doing that.

When we are talking about lying, we include exaggeration as just one way of doing it. When hiring authorities see accomplishments that sound too good to be true they will likely think you are lying (exaggerating). Don't list excessively or unreasonably high achievements because such statements sound fabricated. It is funny to see people claiming they generated $20 million in sales in a $3 million company. Another kind of achievement that won't produce good results is irrelevant accomplishments. We understand that when it comes to resume writing it is hard to omit things you are proud of. But in order to be successful in your job search try to be relevant as much as you can. Job seekers have to realize that they are writing their resumes not for themselves, but for a specific audience. It is OK to leave out irrelevant achievements even if you used to think they are the best you've got.

Finally, it is not worth including information about your 10-20 years old experience. This would be considered outdated information, even if you have decent accomplishments. The thing is that companies are most interested in your recent experiences and achievements.

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If you are not sure what you should include in your resume and what you should leave out you can always contact for assistance. Our experienced team of editors and writers will be more than willing to help you overcome your resume writing challenges. In fact, you will be surprised when you see your resume makeover.