This is the final article in the most common resume problems series we have started last week. As of now, we have already covered the most popular mistakes made by job seekers. Today we would like to complete this series with a final blog post about details, which most people don't pay attention to when developing their resume or CV. However, very often even a small thing on your application can become a turn off in the eyes of those responsible for reviewing resumes. Therefore, we have decided to help our readers look into things they might have never thought about before.

Resume Writing: Devil in the Details

devilinthedetailsDon't create a long resume unless you really have no other choice. One or two pages is enough to list your experience and qualifications to persuade your employer you are a good match for the position. There are some exceptions, but most of the resumes shouldn't be longer than 2 pages. HR managers are sometimes irritated when they see the line about references upon request. This line brings no information to an employer because they know you will provide the references if needed. It is also not a good idea to list your references on a resume unless you are requested to do so. Make sure your email address doesn't sound awkward. We have had experience with our customers who had emails with words like "sexybabe", "hotgirl", "crazydaddy", etc. This is unacceptable if you use such kind of email address in your professional environment.

Besides, it takes a minute or two to register a new email account. Another important thing to remember - don't forget to put on your contact number. It sounds weird but some job seekers are so busy with working on their accomplishments or resume structure that they actually forget such simple things as mentioning their phone number. Keywords. We believe that the number of companies who use special software for screening purposes is slightly exaggerated. The problem is you don't know which companies use this software so it is better if you don't leave our relevant keywords anyway. Don't write your resume in the third person.

Don't include pronouns. It will look weird and it will take more space on your CV, which is not very smart. Make sure you update your resume from time to time. Sending an outdated resume won't help you find good employment. Updating your skills, work history, qualifications with current accomplishments will increase your chances of being invited for an interview.