Who hasn't thought of becoming a boss one day or another? Even when we are kids we dream of becoming a successful businessman who tells people what to do (that's how we imagine a boss at that age). As most of us grew up we still imagined ourselves in the role of successful leaders: managers, directors, business owners, etc. And it is good. There is nothing bad about becoming a boss unless you have good motives. However, when people achieve that goal and become at least managers they get to know that it is way more challenging than they expected. The role of a boss is not an easy one; it is so rare to meet a good boss who can effectively lead people and the company to success. In this article we will just share several simple things that could help you become a boss like that.

Career Challenge: Effective Leadership

project-manager-meeting-organizationIf you have become a manager, director or supervisor, remember that the best way to lead is by example. This may differ from your expectations but that's what it is. If you want to become an effective leader (not just a greedy and angry boss) then you are better off leading by example. By doing so you will create a model or even a culture where your subordinates will have such an image of a leader. Think through what you want your employees to be doing and practice it. This will help you build trust with your colleagues and everybody will listen to and do what you ask more willingly as opposed if you have just talked about you want them to do.

One of the reasons a lot of people will never become good managers and leaders is because they don't communicate well. Additionally, when a person is a bad communicator it is likely that he/she will never recognize it, thus excluding a chance to learn some basics of effective communication. No matter at what career level you are at the moment it is important to communicate clearly with the subordinates as well as with other colleagues. There are two words that describe successful communication at work: clear and often. These two aspects will define whether you will have terrible misunderstandings or your employees will produce high-quality work. Understanding in your team is the key here, and effective communication is just the means to get to that key. Keep in mind that a big part of effective communication is listening. Without listening to others it will be almost impossible to have effective communication.

Managerial career is full of highs and lows. These emotional highs and lows are often connected to people one works with. Therefore, how you build relationships with people who surround you at the workplace will have a huge impact on how you overcome your future career challenges. One of the things we think is vitally important for managers and leaders in general when maintaining relationships with people is building up trust. If you trust your team and your team can trust you we are confident that you will be able to handle any career challenges. At the same time, one has to reframe relationships by putting some distance between your staff and you. It doesn't mean you can't spend time together after work, but it is better than you don't hang out during work hours at your workplace.