Most people plan to have a successful career. That usually means they will have a job they like and at that very job, they will be climbing up the corporate ladder by achieving success at different stages. However, it is not that easy because there are so many obstacles and challenges along the way that many people can't achieve the desired success. Interestingly enough most of the obstacles often are a result of our activities. We ourselves make mistakes than later make it harder for us to achieves so-called career success. In this article, we would like to list a number of things that you should avoid doing at your workplace in order to increase your chances for success.

What Can Hinder Your Career Success?

workWe are so often told we should just do our job effectively but no one usually told us about building relationships with those around us. If you follow the principles like "work hard", "show up on time", "learn new things", "do your job" without building relationships with people you may back yourself into a professional corner. When we are talking about a successful career we are not only talking about good work, it is simply not enough today. So don't overlook relationships even if it is not a part of your daily responsibilities. Look around and focus on cultivating relationships with those around you. Another thing that can hurt your career is when you don't see your career further than an organization you work for. Tying one's career to a specific company (especially after you have worked for a long time for a specific employer) can have a negative impact on your professional career. The professional world doesn't end in one company, it goes far beyond.

We recommend broadening one's horizons to make sure you will be able to bring value to many companies out there. It often happens that when a person is hired, he/she automatically expects a direct supervisor to take responsibility for one's development. That's how people stay in companies for years without accomplishing much. Finally, don't just do your job. Obviously, it is important that you cope with the responsibilities you have but if you do just that it might not be enough for your career success. Don't expect somebody to show you the way how you can succeed. Find that way yourself. If you want to get promoted then find out what you need to accomplish to make it happen and work hard on it. Look for ways how you can bring value to the company apart from doing your routine staff. Another thing is to consider a certification program or attend a series of training in order to enhance your credentials. In other words, don't get very comfortable in your workplace - you should always be busy with taking advantage of available opportunities.

Accomplishments Matter

If you are ever in the situation where you need to find a decent job it is best you do it by offering to look employers at the list of your accomplishments. The same thing can help you when you want to negotiate a raise or even get a client. Spend the time to record all of the numbers that indicate your fruitful work. So often we don't have time for this because we don't think it will ever matter. But the matter of the fact is that almost always such situations arise where we would need those specific indicators of our success.