There are some things that many people think are insignificant but the matter of the fact is that this kind of things subtly changes people's lives. Small details that we tend to ignore often shoot back at us when we expect it the least. It is so true of career development as the way we choose to work impacts our future. In this blog post, we would like to provide insight into basic career management tips that could help you guide your career forward by avoiding common mistakes. It doesn't really matter what title you are currently holding or what industry your company operates within, these recommendations are relevant for everybody at all times.

Career Management: Five Mistakes to Avoid

eraser and word mistakesHave you ever noticed that much less qualified and talented employees are recognized and get promoted while much smarter workers don't progress? The problem is that smarter employees often are not good at informing their managers and supervisors of their accomplishments and achievement. The lesson to be learned then is don't assume good work will always be noticed and recognized. So don't be quiet and share your major achievements with those around you, especially the management team.

Another career mistake is very similar to the previous one - being invisible. When we are overloaded with work we tend to become invisible. It is because getting the job done is more important than participating in different kinds of office events many choose to concentrate on handling the workload. However, it brings no good if you work hard and no one ever notices you in the company. In order to be successful try to be more visible to people around you by joining a committee or participating in different office events.

Lack of networking is another career mistake often caused by the previous one. It is especially relevant for those who have been working for years at the company. In fact, it is very easy to get complacent and ignore the opportunities offered by networking. Staying in touch with other industry professionals can significantly help when you either have to find a new job or get a specific task complete. Evaluating yourself and knowing your worth is important for any career management plan. And it is not just for the purpose of knowing when to ask for a raise, but for critical evaluation of one's strong and weak points. When we stop to look at what we are good at and where you have to grow. Without knowing your own worth from a professional perspective it is hard to move up the corporate ladder and develop new skills. Ignoring self-evaluations will also not be good for those who wish to change jobs as they will likely to face problems during interviews.

Lastly, when evaluating yourself don't get too negative even if the things are going not very well. You probably can easily remember people who were venting around and complaining about everything. Negativism can hardly help if ever. One should be careful to differentiate between negativism and healthy self-criticism. Those are absolutely different terms and they have a different impact on oneself and others.