Developing an effective resume takes much more than good writing skills because a resume or CV is much more than a piece of writing. It is not an essay or even a dissertation; it is a story of one's career. And to make this story attractive for an employer a job seeker should utilize much more than writing skills. One should carefully consider what pieces of information should be included in the document as well as how to present this information so that the person reviewing the resume would want to read it to the end (and invite one for an interview). As you already know every detail then matters. Today we would like to talk about one of such details - references.

Who Cares About References?

job-reference-checkIf you are serious about creating a powerful resume you have to be concerned with references first of all. It is a great tool during the hiring process which can either significantly increase your chances of being hired or completely disqualify you. Because HR managers are often interested in what the references have to say about the candidate you shouldn't be careless in choosing the right references for specific job application. Different surveys and researches prove that a lot of hiring managers have changed their mind after talking to the reference people. So judge for yourself whether references are important for your employment or not. When considering people for your reference list you should always take the position of the one who will be making the decision about your employment. The best option is to include those people who could give the most accurate reference - it will be helpful for every hiring manager and might be another powerful tool to convey your professionalism. Usually, the most fitting people for such references are those who had worked with you side by side; they would likely be the most helpful in disclosing your personality and accomplishments to an employer. This shouldn't necessarily be your boss or supervisor.

It can be anyone with whom you closely interacted at your previous workplace. Obviously before putting someone on the reference list or your resume (CV) you should ask for permission. No matter how important that person is for your future career you should be confident that the person is not against giving recommendations to a potential employer. After you have received approval, you should list the full name of the reference, job title, and contact details. If you really want to prepare well for the job hunting process we advise you to work with the references before application so that they would know about your resume information or even portfolio samples (if applicable).

Prime-Resume: Professional Career Assistance

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