Cleaning Up Your Social Media

There are job seekers who believe that cleaning social media accounts is nothing but a waste of time. They think that employers don't bother checking candidates' social network profiles and this entire thing is just an annoying legend. However, it is hard to argue with statistics that says that one out of three employers have denied the job based on something the found online. Obviously, by far not all hiring managers do that; there are many who don't bother checking information about the candidate online. However, one out of three is quite a probability. Missing a great chance just because you had those pictures from your friend's party on your facebook page sound like a huge misfortune you could have easily avoided. So before you start sending out your resume and cover letter to potential employers, make sure you clean up your social media accounts.

How to Clean Up?

About 47% of employers admit they check out candidates on social media before any hiring decision is made. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are most common platforms hiring managers check when evaluating a candidate. They do so to assess your professionalism in regards to social conduct, evaluate whether you fit into the culture of the company, and learn more about qualifications if possible. "You are what you post online" appears to be a true slogan for those employers who do check social media accounts of the candidates. Refining social network profiles and keeping sensitive information private must become a big part of successful job search campaigns. Here are some practical things how you can make your online image work for you in terms of career advancement. Social media

1) Watch your photos. Certain behavior featured on the pictures can become a huge turnoff in the eyes of employers. It is especially relevant for recent graduates who are seeking to land first employment. Delete all photos that depict drug use, illegal activities, vandalism, etc. as they can completely ruin your reputation as a seasoned professional.

2) Look through your statuses. In order to see how you behave online, hiring managers often browse your personal profile page and read your statuses and comments. This is how employers know who you really are outside of office. Make sure status updates and comments don't give any ground to doubt your professionalism.

3) Filter your groups and apps. Certain games and communities can also be a red flag for employers. Who wants to hire someone who spends days playing games on Facebook?

4) Along with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, check your YouTube channel for inappropriate content. If you have ever uploaded anything that could potentially be considered offensive, it is better to delete or make it private to be safe.

5) Make use of the restrict tagging option. Sometimes, even after you've cleaned up your social media accounts a friend can tag you in a comment or video can cast a questionable light on your image. To avoid that, restrict tagging which will allow you to review tags before they appear on your network profile page. personality as a result.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to have a look at your social media accounts with the eyes of employers. This is something you always have to keep in mind when deciding what content can be there and what posts are better to delete. Hiring managers usually look for good personality and wide range of interests. They like candidates whose background information is accurate. Lastly, it is all about the consistent image to be demonstrated both at the interview and online.

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