All of us have assumptions and stereotypes regarding almost every sphere of life. We use them to evaluate risks and make decisions when we don't have enough information. This is not necessarily bad as sometimes the assumptions and stereotypes that we have are very close to reality. The problems usually come when these premises are wrong. That is why it is important to re-evaluate all of your beliefs to make sure they are actually true. Because they are not you can have lots of unnecessary problems to deal with in the future. Today we will just focus on misleading assumptions people have regarding their career development. Throughout our experience in this field, we have seen many specialists suffering from inaccurate assumptions that have been holding them back for a long time. Maybe it's time to rid of all these misleading premises and try to be as effective as you possibly can at your workplace?

Release the Potential

MythsFor some reason, we used to choose jobs based on the skills we have. Although it makes sense for most of us it doesn't mean it should be a driving force when we are choosing a career vector. It could be one of the options but limiting yourself to those options that match your skills is wrong. If you are just starting your career you should go for something you really like doing, something that you find interesting. And even if you don't have any skills in that particular field. Today you can pass necessary training, learn what you need to learn and as a result be a perfect match for the position you would like to have. Sacrificing your interests when choosing a job can end up in boring daily activities which will not help you be successful. So don't limit your job search just to the skills you possess. Go beyond what you think you can do and you will see how exciting your career journey can become.

The next myth is popular among those who have already settled in a certain career path. Most people mistakenly assume that as soon as they've settled in, they are stuck and it is not recommended to make any moves in a different direction. But the truth is just the opposite: you are never stuck unless you decide to do so. It is all about what you want to do and how bad you want it. If you decide you should change career then all you have to do is just make a decision. Obviously, it will take time and most likely there will be some financial constraints but it can pay off in the long run. So don't think you are stuck and can't get out of the field you have settled in. Feel free to make any changes you want but be prepared for the difficulties.

There are many people out there who believe that there is just one person they can share life within marriage. And the primary task of this life is to find and marry that very person. Even if that is true for marriage it is not for a career. We are confident that there are many perfect jobs out there It is simply a matter of where you are in life. Things change and so do your preferences and aspirations. That means that a definition of a perfect job for you can be different at different stages of your life. Your life, as well as your career, is a continuum of changing circumstances so you have to stay alert to new opportunities.