How well your résumé will be received depends upon how well your résumé has been written. A well-written résumé will surely get an audience as opposed to the one that has mistakes. Your employer gets to know about you from your résumé. In addition to having a well-written résumé, if you know a proper way to distribute it, you will be lucky enough to get a job. Keeping a log book for all the companies you had sent your résumé might be of some help. You might get a call from among the companies to whom you sent your résumé. Hence, you need to be prepared. Once you get that call it is in you to show that you have what it takes to be their employee. All you need to do is organize your self. Be sure of the company, know about it and gather as much information as you can.

A job board may not yield satisfactory results. However, when it comes to your job search, it can still help you, even though a little. No harm posting on a job board, you got nothing to lose. While posting your résumé in a job board, look for the one that is large and is relevant to your profession. This is because companies like to narrow down their searches by different criteria. To post it on a company's website you need to create a .txt version of your résumé. This you can do by using the MS Word. Make a file and save it. If necessary edit the mistakes and the information, you think is irrelevant to the job. Cut it and paste it in a company's website or paste it in an email and send it to them. While posting on job boards, set up search agents. They will inform you about new job openings. This way you can apply as soon as you come to know about it.

Look for a job that suits you. In any advertisements, whether in the paper, company's websites or job boards, go for the one that works for your criteria. It will be good to know the hiring executives and also let them your address so that they can directly correspond to you. Very few people respond to trade publications, which means if you do, the competition is less and the chances of your success are high.