Generally, your resume will get at most 30 seconds of the recruiter or the hiring directors notice. This may even come down to 15 seconds in several cases. Because they do not have time to read your resume as they have more works to do.

So it is important that you have to catch the attention of the recruiter in a very short duration, please ensure that you made all corrections on the resume. The format which you present is important. Make sure that your resume is easy to examine and recognize this is the difficult part of it

The most common mistake with most of the resume is that they comprise of more words. Most of the recruiters will not like to read such a large resume. So this is why many of them advise you to write your resume short. Your resume may be generally considered as your marketing document, which is usually used a call back for a company consultation or interview. This document must have the capacity to convey the answer to the question "why should I hire you?" in a short duration of 30 seconds. The common mistake that every resume contains is generally they don't contain any information regarding the needs of the employer. If you refer to any of the advertisement vacancies, most of them will define in an advertisement about the experience as well as company requirements.

So it is important to make sure that you include the qualification experience with your education background on the resume. Try to have a summary of your qualifications on the resume. Make sure that you summed up the years in a proper manner otherwise your recruiter has to start looking all over your submitted resume and he tries to find fault on your resume. Remember this he should have to do within 30 seconds. Then the Hr has to move to the remaining pages of your resume to view your qualifications, which will waste his time.

There is no need for you to have your education at the start of your resume. However, will be a good idea when your education level is more than your experience. You will be able to save the time of the interviewer if you combine the experience level with your qualifications.

Other things which you can do to save the time of the interviewer is to make bulleting important information on the resume which can make recruiter go through your easily and get bold the important key point on the resume. If you have done the formatting procedure then it will be much easier to read for you as well as recruiter, don't try to jam too much in a single paragraph.

It is very important to write the abstract of your qualifications in such a way that you appease the fear of the recruiter. If you are seeking a job for a driving company then adding a sentence such as sparkling driving testimony will generally elevate your chance of getting the job significantly.