For some reason, job seekers like to keep their real lives private when it comes to job hunting. Usually, people would disclose information about their education, professional experience, and qualifications for employers to see. However, rarely someone will risk using own social media accounts in order to increase the chances to get an interview invitation. You will be surprised to know that more and more HR authorities use social networking platforms to research and select candidates. Moreover, about one-third of those hiring specialists using social networks claimed it helped them found the right candidates.

What Can You Do About It?

Social media buttonsThe very first thing you can do is to create an account in social media networks if you still don't have one. If you have been avoiding all social networking platforms you may want to reconsider it after you know how many HR managers use those platforms to select the job candidates... Of course, it doesn't mean that having a social network account will necessarily result in an interview invitation right away. It is simply one more tool that can help you achieve your career goals. Many people are wondering what they should post online in order to generate the interest of potential employers. Some job seekers post only things that in one way or another relate to their professional experience, education or qualifications in general. But that is not the way to do it. Be natural, otherwise, your social networks accounts wouldn't seem real.

The thing is employers review profiles in order to see whether a candidate can smoothly integrate into a company's team. Also, they can in a way validate your professional experience by reviewing your background information. Most social networks offer to write something about yourself (bio or general information). This information can sometimes make a difference as it gives a glimpse of your professionalism. Profile pictures, grammar, punctuation, spacing, capitalization can sometimes communicate more than all of your words you say during an interview. The way you communicate with your friends and acquaintances by commenting on each other pictures and posts can always be a good indicator of your skills.

Job seekers often seek an advantage because they understand that in order to be selected for an interview they have to stand out among other candidates. Embracing social media can help you have this advantage if you do everything wisely. It is one more effective tool in saying to your employers that you are the very match for their companies. As we have mentioned before, hiring authorities don't really mind you use it as a tool to share more about yourself.