Have you ever wondered why you get no response from potential employers? Or you just never pay attention because you are busy with sending your job application to the bunch of other companies in hopes to get some reply? The problem with the latter approach is that you will unlikely get an interview invitation to the job you have ever wanted. Most likely you can get a chance to be interviewed to an entry-level position if you are lucky enough. At Prime-Resume we don't like leaving it all to chance; therefore, we always do whatever depends on us in order to secure high quality and increase one's chances of getting hired.

Reasons Why You Don't Hear Anything Back From Recruiters

??????????????????The most common reason why applicants don't make it to an interview stage is because they fail to meet the required qualifications or they fail to demonstrate the opposite on their resumes. Employers invite for interviews only those who can bring in necessary experience and skills into the team. If recruiters don't see any key performance indicators that would prompt at required skills or qualifications they will unlikely be interested in considering you for the position. We believe that applying for the jobs you have relevant skills/qualifications/experience will significantly increase your chances.

Another thing you have to do is to adjust each resume and cover letter to every job opening. Another common mistake made by applicants is a failure to strictly follow application directions. Very often job seekers don't pay attention to some of the details because it seems like those details aren't important. As a result, they don't follow specific instructions on how the application is to be sent to a company, which often makes hiring authorities mad, automatically sending your resume to the discard pile. Just imagine what HR managers are thinking when they review an application that wasn't submitted in the way it was supposed to be sent. It says a lot about one's attitude and commitment to get the position. Sometimes job hunters don't hear back from employers because of small things you wouldn't even think about. You could have made a mistake when leaving your contact details so it is better if you double check that section before your press the send button.

Also, it might not depend on you at all. Employers might have changed their decision to hire or they are still in the process of reviewing applications. You won't know for sure, but you have to allow for that possibility too.

How to Get Invited for an Interview?

While you have to admit that some things you cannot control you should also understand that there are many aspects you are capable of controlling. It all starts with resume writing and how you apply for the position. If you manage to have a good start from this stage then you will significantly help yourself in the future during an interview. For resume writing assistance you can always go to our website and learn how our experienced writers can help you overcome your career challenges.