Life for college graduates hasn't been easy at any time: either they are loaded with studies preparing for the final exams or they have a hard time figuring out what they will do after they graduate. Prime-Resume would like to help soon-to-be-graduates and graduates to be prepared when entering the tough and competitive job market. Unfortunately, we don't have a magic pill or three super tips that will rid students from the pain of finding decent employment; instead, we can offer professional recommendations that can significantly increase one's chances to get hired after graduation.

Start Now!

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonMistake #1 most graduates do in the job search process is they start too late. For some reason, most students wait until they actually graduate before start looking for work. But there is just no good reason to wait, especially taking into account the fact that it is a time consuming and complex process. Sometimes it takes several months to get hired; therefore, it is better if you start now. You can start from developing your own soon-to-be-graduate resume. There is just one thing you have to do prior to that - define your career path in advance. In other words, choose what you want to do before you start doing something. With that in mind, you are to create your resume focusing on skills and qualifications that will be required for the position chosen. If you have no idea how to develop one you can order resume writing service which can provide its professional assistance.

There is one problem most graduates face when developing a CV is the lack of necessary experience and credentials. Therefore, we recommend attending relevant training courses and engaging in specific internships that might be useful for future job searches. Today educational communities offer so many opportunities for professional development so it shouldn't be a problem to find educational or training courses that may be beneficial in your future career. Because finding employment is a tough task the graduates should apply not just for one position hoping to receive an invitation to an interview; instead, students should apply for many job openings to increase one's chances. It is important to remember though that one should apply only for relevant jobs each time tailoring the resume. It won't do any good to have a generic resume sent out to different companies.

We also recommend including a LinkedIn network in a job search process. The importance of growing networks online cannot be underestimated. LinkedIn specializes in providing professional contacts and inroads to the organizations and companies you are interested in working for. Building up your profile in alignment with the resume is important and can help graduates get hired. LinkedIn also offers to join groups categorized by industries and professional interests.