There are many details job seekers should pay attention to if they want to have decent chances for receiving an interview invitation. Any mistake can disqualify them from the job so one has to be very careful when writing his/her own resume or CV. However, there is a danger of paying too much attention to details while ignoring more important things. What we mean is some people spend hours on choosing the right design, proper color or fonts. Not that these things don’t matter – they do. But there are things that require your attention much more than the aforementioned details. When identifying the most important things on your resume, try to look at it from the perspective of a hiring manager. Would you be interested in the design of a resume if you were looking for a qualified nurse? Is the type of font would be something that could define whether the person is suitable for a job? This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Companies are seeking qualified professionals; therefore, the main task of interviewing specialist is to discern from your resume whether you are one or you are not. So if you were the person responsible for hiring a highly professional sales manager, what things you would be looking at? Set-Priorities

First and foremost, what matters the most is concise evidence of success. If a candidate has been successful (and this success could be measured) that gives a positive perspective. If a hiring manager can see from your resume that you have been successful within your specialization that means there all grounds to assume that one will be successful at a new workplace too. The best thing one can prove own success is through quantifiable accomplishments or performance statistics. “Increased sales by 53% in 9 months through initiating innovative customer service techniques”; “Extended client base by 30% through cold calling”, “Acquired 49 new customer accounts”; “Developed and implemented production cost-saving measures that resulted in total savings of $495,000 per year”…

The statements like this clearly demonstrate success. Without such statements, phrases like “talented sales expert” or “dedicated customer service representative” have no meaning for a potential employer. Another thing that captures the attention of the potential employer is the list of companies one has worked for. Don’t underestimate the importance of specific job titles as well as a clear list of duties for every position held. These are important characteristics. Don’t forget that you’re the content of your resume has to be relevant. There is no need to list all of the details of your past work experience if they have no relation to the job opening you are applying for. Interviewing authorities are interested in the professional experience that relates to what needs to be done in their company.

So when you sit down next time ether to write or polish up your resume, please keep in mind what you have to focus on. Relevant professional experience, evidence of success, previous employments – all of these are usually the most important things you have to build your resume around. Please, don’t think that we believe format, design or font have no significance at all. Sometimes those little things could disqualify you from an interview. However, if you choose wrong font or inappropriate design, but have impressive accomplishments, great work experience, and strong educational credentials there is a high probability that your mistakes will be forgiven.