The priority of our company has always been delivering high-quality resumes and cover letters. That is the reason why we spend so much time on selecting and training our resume writers and editors. Despite our efforts sometimes our customers are not happy with the final documents they receive. Sometimes it happens because our writers make some mistakes (they are still people and no matter how much time you invest into trainings and professional development programs you cannot exclude a human factor). However, sometimes our clients have their own expectations of how an effective resume should look like. The problem is that these expectations can bring more harm than actually help a job seeker get the job. In this article, we will explain how we deal with such kind of issues and what are the options when you face a situation like this.

'I Don't Like What I Received'

??????????????????Imagine you did your job (uploaded your old resume, necessary information, and instructions) and now you wait for the writer to provide the final draft. Obviously when you receive your documents and you don't like something the first reaction would be to ask for a refund. However, if you are interested in having a professional resume we recommend choosing a different path. Try to contact a writer (either through the messaging system or a phone conversation) in order to express your dislikes. Very often our writers will be able to explain what they did and why they did it that way. The thing is that we try to develop effective resumes that will be, which means so that they would be selected by hiring authorities. Therefore, we always keep HRs in mind when writing resumes. And there are certain things they pay attention to.

If you are still not happy with the explanations you could just request a revision to be made. Our writers will have 24 hrs to revise your resume or/and cover letter in accordance with your instructions. It is important that you provide specific instructions as to what you want to be changed. The messages like 'I don't like how it looks' isn't enough for our writers to revise the paper in accordance with your requirements. Simply because the requirements are too vague. After you received the revised paper it doesn't necessarily mean it is final and cannot be changed. You can request as many revisions as you want until the writer fully complies with all of the requirements. You don't have to pay anything for the revisions as they are provided for free.

Please note that if you need the resume and/or cover letter earlier than 24 hours after your revision request you should inform us about it. We understand that job openings have deadlines and we want to be as helpful and efficient for you as we can be. If you made up your mind to have your money back you can certainly exercise that right. All you have to do is to explain in writing what is the reason for the refund application. We will appreciate if you could provide supporting documents like your resume or cover letter to the message. Our refund department will review your request, analyze the paper and get back to you. Usually, all refund requests are reviewed within 24 hrs. Our company representative will contact you with the decision regarding your request. We also offer partial refunds in certain cases. Each case is reviewed individually.