We are all good at making excuses when we fail to do something. It is sometimes fascinating how our mind can virtuously come up with reasons why we didn't manage to do what we were supposed to do regardless of situations or circumstances. Whenever something just doesn't work some we tend to find a good reason to calm our conscience so that we could quit. It is a popular tendency in a job search where job seekers often find themselves in a situation when they feel the whole thing is taking too long and they just want to find a reason to quit the active job search campaign. But that's how it is with a job search - it simply doesn't happen in one day. Despite the fact that you may not be getting the results immediately, your efforts will pay off in the future. So stick to your plan and don't dare to make up excuses and let them stop you on half way to your success.

Weak Excuses That Just Don't Make It

stop-making-excuses-coverThe job search process takes time for job seekers. Everybody knows that. But what you probably don't know is that for those who are in charge of selecting among the candidates have to spend at least 5-6 weeks on job postings, resume selection, interview process, and background checks. So the fact that it does take time doesn't mean you necessarily lost all chances of getting the job you always wanted. We understand that we live in a world where everything is happening so fast: the food we order is delivered within minutes, taxi is next to our doors within the moments from the call, etc. But these are small things we have in life; usually changes that are important always take more time and efforts. So it is better to direct your appetite for a new job at networking rather than disappointment that you didn't get what you wanted in 3 days... "It's taking too long" is a weak excuse for weak people. Because serious life changes always take too long. Accept it and focus on what you have to do and what you can control.

Another excuse job seekers often refer to is that they don't have a resume. Or the one they have isn't good enough. This one is pretty popular because very few people have their resumes up-to-date. But that is not an excuse. This is a problem you can solve this very day. It is like you are not happy that you are hungry: if that is the problem go and eat something. In the same way, you can solve the problem of not having a decent resume. In fact, you can start networking even without having a resume. Keep in mind that you should tailor your resume to each and every job opening you are going to apply for which means you may never have it 100% ready anyway. If you need assistance you can always hire resume professionals who can do the job for you within 24 hours. So it is rather a matter of what you really want to do. Even if the resume that I submit isn't going to get into a black hole online and I get lucky to be invited for an interview I don't know how to do it. Many job seekers are afraid of being interviewed as they are not confident in themselves. But using such logic you can remain without the job for your entire life because every job is awarded to candidates after a job interview. No one hires people just by reviewing a resume or cover letter. Of course, you may feel not so confident but focus on the dialogue. There is no other way around. The only way you can rid of that feeling is to practice. And by practice, we don't mean talking to a mirror about how good you are, but actually having real job interviews.