If you have made up your mind to get a new job, there is a lot that will be going on during the next couple of weeks or even months. The thing is that applying for jobs is such a time-consuming and daunting task that rarely brings expected results. The entire process is often confusing or even intimidating. But that doesn't have to be that way if you know how things work on the jobs market. Getting a new job is much easier when you understand how hiring decisions are made and how people are selected for the jobs. In this article we would like to list some of the facts that will hopefully clear up the anticipated confusion in regard to getting a new job.

Changing the Job Search Approach

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Fact #1. Employers don’t read your resume the way you think they do. The thing is that they spend up to 10 seconds on average reviewing each resume. That tells you a lot about what kind of a resume you should submit. Besides, this fact proves that a resume alone will never get you a job (although it can certainly ruin your chances for getting one). Therefore, make your resume look user-friendly and well-structured so that hiring managers could locate particular blocks of information in a matter of seconds. Also, keep it brief (preferably 1 page) and don't include irrelevant experiences that only take up valuable space.

Fact #2. Most jobs are never posted online. Our estimate is about 75%-85% of openings are filled in through networking. Now remember how much time you spent scouring the web in search of new job openings? It may be helpful but certainly not enough. In order to make your job search campaign more effective, you will need to interact with real people offline. Think of people you know and create a list of co-workers, teammates, etc. Reach out to friends for advice and learn about the companies they work for. In other words, online search without networking efforts isn't effective at all.

Fact #3. It takes time to fill a job opening. You may be surprised to know but it takes about 2 months for a company to fill an opening. This isn't very fast, isn't it? So next time you come across a job opening that looks awesome, don't fire off your resume and cover letter. It is much better to take your time to customize your application to match the needs of that specific job ad. Use the time wisely and make sure your application looks flawless. Also, don't expect to receive an interview call within 24 hours. As we have mentioned, the process takes time.

Fact #4. The competition is huge. On average, a typical corporate job ad will attract over 200 resumes. Now this fact is aimed at accomplishing the same task as the previous one. Since the competition is huge, you need to makes sure your application is effectively tailored and contains no flaws. Because hundreds of other people apply for this job, you need to make sure you really want it and ready to do what it takes to get a chance at the interview. It is not wise to spend hours applying to jobs you don't particularly like.