Effective job search today takes much more than just resume writing. It is more than simply sending out a resume to multiple job openings in hope to receive several interview invitations. It used to be like that before, but this is not this easy to get a decent job nowadays using only the aforementioned methods. With the development of social networking, LinkedIn became one more tool in the hands of proactive job hunters.

Enhance Your Job Search With LinkedIn

If you are a job seeker and still don't have a LinkedIn account it means that you are turning away from one more opportunity to get a job. We don't believe that you have never heard about this social network so if you don't have a profile there it means either you don't know how to use it or you think it's too complicated for you. At Prime-Resume we like to help our clients advance in their careers; we do that not only through resume writing services but through free professional recommendations via our blog. Getting back to LinkedIn. If you still have no account the first thing you have to do is to set up one. Then try to remember all the information that is directly related to your qualifications and competencies. Back it all up with specific accomplishments (preferably with numbers or percentages). Make sure your profile looks solid and complete.

Then start exploring networks and connections to gain new acquaintances. Whenever you receive a notification about the connection's birthday, don't waste the opportunity to congratulate the person. Go for more than plain "Happy B-day!" phrase; adding a sentence or two will give a personal touch to the congratulations. It is also a great moment to establish a good connection for future networking. Follow people. Follow news. Follow companies. Get to know those whom you follow in order to have a possibility to personalize cover letters and resumes to meet their needs. If you follow someone and never get to know them or contact them, then it makes no sense to spend time on this social network. Be active in interacting with other users to fully make use of LinkedIn. One should also use groups to get to know more people. Each LinkedIn group has its own jobs tab that is different from the top LinkedIn bar. Often listings posted in those tabs you won’t see anywhere else. Making yourself useful for the group is also a great idea: you can contribute valuable things to discussions for example.