Unfortunately, most of us don't get what we want at the moment we want it. It takes time to work on things before we can actually achieve something we have planned before. Obviously, we are not talking about buying a chocolate bar or something like that. What we are talking about is professional career development and growth. Like in any other area of life our career is full of failures as well as victories. Today we want to talk about how to turn what seems to be a failure into a victory. It is not always possible, however in most cases there certain things you could do to make the situation better.

Career Persistence

??????????????????Whenever you are applying for a new job, aiming for promotion in your company or even trying to sell products or services to a client you are knocking on some doors (either mental or physical, most often on both). As you already know not every door is going to open after you knock on it so you have to be patient during the process. Although we want all doors to open immediately after we knock on them it doesn't work that way. Every door opening has its own timing just like any other thing. All you have to do is to patiently wait and be ready to react when such opportunities arise.

Obviously, sometimes people get weary and after few doors have been locked for a while they lose hope and as a result stop knocking. They think that a chance will grant them a job with a higher probability when they sit and do nothing about it. We believe those job seekers are not to lose focus and keep knocking on different doors - such approach alone can grant them something that will no be available to those who are content with whatever chance will bring into their lives. To keep yourself motivated you can write the list of reasons you want to get behind that specific door. One thing you should constantly remind yourself that you shouldn't stop knocking. When knocking on different job opportunities you should do so with confidence. If done reluctantly, most likely you will be ignored. When you seek a new job you have to be confident that you can make a difference to an employer and bring value to the company.

In other words, the knocking must be loud enough for the people behind the door to hear and open. Always think about one specific door, one specific opportunity. Focus on your dreams that you will be able to accomplish after you get behind the door. And one last thing, after the door has been opened you should know what you will be doing afterward because a job granted is only a halfway to success.